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Wedding Prayers and Blessings for Marriage Ceremonies and Receptions

Wedding Prayers and Blessings for Marriage Ceremonies and Receptions

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Wedding prayers and blessings are an important part of the marriage ceremony and hold a lot of significance for the couple as they begin their life together.

There is something very sacred about the wedding ceremony – about standing before family and friends, exchanging your vows, pledging your love to one another, and making promises for the future. It signifies new beginnings, and a wedding prayer or blessing is a perfect way to commemorate the occasion, express your heart and emotions, and thank God for being a part of your special day.

Blessings and prayers can take many different forms including poems, songs, traditional recitations from prayer books, quotes from literature, scriptures such as the recognized love passage of 1 Corinthians 13, or something personal that you wrote yourself. Whether given by a family member, friend, or clergyman, taking time to welcome God into the service will add a spiritual aspect to your wedding and make the ceremony special.

Reception Dinner Blessings

This prayer is important because it is the first meal the couple will share as husband and wife. It is a time to thank God for the food, ask for His blessing on the new couple, and welcome Him as part of the marriage celebration. Dinner blessings do not have to be long and eloquent. A simple, heartfelt message will express appreciation and will be a perfect way to begin the wedding meal.

Thank you Lord that we can gather here today to celebrate the love and commitment of this couple. We ask that you bless them in their marriage, that You bless their family, friends, and all the guests that have come to share in this important occasion. We thank You for providing for us, we ask that You bless this food, and bless those who have worked to prepare it. Thank You for being in our midst, for allowing us to enjoy good fellowship, and for being the perfect example of love. Just as this meal nourishes us and makes us healthy, we ask that You will give this couple a long and healthy life together. Amen.”

Ceremony/Marriage Blessing

After a couple has exchanged their vows, it is tradition to pray a blessing so they can begin their life with the favor of God. Marriage prayers are usually given to ask God for his blessing and protection on the union and to request His guidance in building a strong home and family. Although a minister, family member, or close friend is usually asked to carry out this honor, the couple may actually wish to pray their own prayer, thanking God for bringing them together, asking for His help in loving each other, and for His wisdom in living a marriage that would honor Him.

An example of a wedding prayer could be: Thank You, God, for the miracle of joining this couple together. We ask You to pour Your blessings out on them, to bless their life together, and to surround their relationship with love. Give them patience, help them to always walk in forgiveness, and let them be an example to those around them. Amen.

A traditional wedding ceremony blessing is found in Numbers 6:24-26: The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Opening Prayer for the Ceremony

The opening prayer is very significant because it welcomes the presence of God and acknowledges His importance in the ceremony. It is a good time to thank Him for the gift of love and marriage and for the blessings of family and friends who have come to share in the special day. The opening prayer is also the perfect opportunity to bless the couple who are about to exchange their vows, pledge their love, and enter into a sacred union. It honors God and shows that the couple wishes to make Him a part of their life together.

Lord, we thank You for Your love. We thank You that marriage is Your design, and as this couple stands before family and friends to exchange their vows and enter into this holy union, we ask that You be in the midst of us – that Your blessing will be upon this service, upon this couple, and upon those who have gathered today as witnesses. We know that marriage is a serious covenant made before You, and we ask that You help this couple to always remember the promises they will make today, that their relationship will grow in Your love and strength, and that they will build a marriage that will endure every test and trial. As we have gathered to celebrate the union of this couple, we welcome Your presence and thank You for hearing our requests. Amen.

Wedding prayers and blessings are a great way to help a couple begin their life together. Although they can take many different forms, prayers and blessings honor and recognize the importance of God while also conveying emotion, expressing the heart, and sharing in the love and beauty of this sacred union.

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