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Victims Of Domestic Violence And Their Experiences With Social Workers And Other Professionals

Victims Of Domestic Violence And Their Experiences With Social Workers And Other Professionals

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Are you a professional working with victims of domestic violence? Often professionals work with victims of domestic violence and can often end up victimising them without even being aware of it. Some professionals may have victim blaming attitudes and actually be a part of the social problem of revictimisation that victims of domestic violence go through when they turn to professionals and support agencies for help.

When some victims of domestic violence turn to professionals for support they may be blamed for the abuse or even mistreated. This revictimisation can cause victims of domestic violence to become depressed, hopeless and even give up looking for help to get out of an abusive relationship. Professionals working with victims of domestic violence need to be aware of how they treat domestic abuse victims when they are approached for support. Victims of domestic violence need a non judgemental attitude, empathy, understanding and emotional support.

Some victims of domestic violence have reported in various research studies that they get treated badly when they go to support agencies for help. Domestic abuse victims may turn to police, doctors, counsellors, victim support workers, and social workers for help. However, the drawback is that the support that they were looking for is not often what they receive.

As a professional do you understand the type of support victims of domestic violence want? Many professionals go through training on how to work with domestic abuse victims and may read many books on how to support victims of abuse. Unfortunately, many domestic abuse victims do not feel supported and they also feel that some workers need more training on how to give the correct support to abuse victims.

Do victims of domestic violence feel that they should be treated better? What do you think? If a domestic abuse victim goes to a professional for support and ends up being victimised then they may feel that there is no point in reaching out for help. This may cause some domestic abuse victims not to get the help and support they desperately need.

A UK qualitative research study of the experiences of victims of domestic violence and their experiences of social work intervention showed that many victims of domestic violence have negative experiences with social workers. This study presented the viewpoint of victims of domestic violence about their social workers. The participants in the research presented both positive and negative views of social workers. They described their encounters with social workers and how they felt social workers could improve their intervention in order for it to be more beneficial.

Professionals need to improve their practice with victims of domestic violence in order to meet their needs and help them feel empowered enough to leave abusive relationships.

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