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Learn how a happy sex life may safe your marriage from divorce

Learn how a happy sex life may safe your marriage from divorce

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A marriage without happy sexual romance is no true love marriage

To understand the importance of a truly divine sexuality within a marriage or relationship of love between a man and a woman, you may want to look at one of the main causes for divorce. Often one of the partners has an out of marriage affair with another partner. The reason for such out of marriage relationships most of the time is sexual attraction to that partner. The cause for attraction to another person however is the key point. A person in a relationship only can be sexually attracted by another person when his own love partner rejects sexuality or refuses to have a creative and loving sexual relationship with own partner.

God is Love and God made man and woman as sexual beings to make happy and be happy

God is Love and God made all creation just for love and happiness. All is made by God and all is made of love including of course sexuality between a loving man and a woman in love. Sexuality and spirituality or religion can never be separated from God, thus sexuality and religion are both expressions of love and a help to return home to God.

God made humans bi-polar, you may name it sexual, Yin / Yang, male / female or man and women. The meaning and physiology is exactly the same. Love needs to flow and love can only flow in a bi-polar environment. Same as electricity. There are however distinct ways of creating different bipolarity. Human bi-polarity exists on all levels.

Out of pure and infinite love God made all creation and all creation is made of love and only made to love. Out of God’s infinite love all humans are made and all parts of human being is made of love and made to love. All humans on earth as well as all beyond earth are made to the image of God and hence have the same potential of divine love. all aspects of humans are made to the image of God, all physiology and all anatomy of humans are made to the image of God. Hence all sexual organs and sexuality itself is made by God – to exchange and express true divine love among humans!

Sexuality is the act of consuming love

Love vs sexuality is like food vs eating food

The relationship between love and sex can best be described with the relationship between a delicious buffet and eating. Love is the “buffet” and sexuality is the act of consuming the love offered by a truly loving partner.

If a partner either is stingy in love and refuses to make happy for whatever reason such as revenge, retaliation, punishment or a partner rejects to enjoy the love offered, then we have a total mismatch and a divorce waiting to happen.

A typical marriage vow usually consists of a YES to the partner. In a truly loving relationship only one single YES should be needed for all love, all desires, all fulfillment of love-needs by the partner. If you truly love a partner, then you sincerely wish to do anything loving to make that partner happy and to be a living fulfillment of that partner’s dreams and sexual fantasies.

Whatever turns you on makes your partner happy

Whatever sexual fantasies turns you on, is what your partner needs or desires most that very moment to be happy. Many ways of loving sex may be needed in different situations of life. Anything you can do from the very bottom of your heart and soul always is healing for your partner.

To simply say YES to your partner and all his dreams and sexy fantasies makes you as much happy as your partner. Anything you do out of true love always makes both happy. That is the way God created sexuality and relationship. The only purpose of life is to be happy and to make happy. Love is priceless and free for all, even the poorest ones. Hence to be happy and to make happy only depends on the readiness and willingness to truly mean that one YES from the bottom of the heart and soul and offer yourself as a fulfillment of happiness to your partner.

A simple powerful YES to love, YES to make happy and to be a source of love and happiness can heal any broken marriage and thus safe you from divorce and pain in your heart.

If you want to make your partner truly happy in a colorful loving and romantic sexual relationship, then learn to enjoy being sexy partner and enjoy being happy partner in your own sexuality. Your partner only can feel true satisfaction in your loving sexuality, if your partner is sure you are fully happy as well. It is your happiness that turns into his happiness. God make sexuality for humans to enjoy to love and being loved – just for love and the joy love and happy sexuality creates in a human heart and soul!

Whatever your sexy fantasy can create, your partner can “produce” for you and be the instant living fulfillment of all your sexy dreams and fantasies. One partner of true love for life – a life long sweet loving romantic marriage for life. When you truly love your partner, then you also may understand and accept the spiritual meaning of oral sex so often on the secret sexy fantasy or wish list of a husband and wife. True love between husband and wife is beyond support or mutual career goals. True love is about full innermost acceptance of the partner as a sexual being made to love and made to be loved.

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