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How to Save a Relationship – Awaken your Feminine Power

How to Save a Relationship – Awaken your Feminine Power

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When a relationship is failing, most women either panic and act from a position of desperation, or they tend to blame their partner for the crisis. And frankly, neither of those approaches will prove to be viable methods for saving and transforming a relationship. Perhaps your partner has withdrawn, become distant, argumentative, or maybe he has even been unfaithful. Of course he’s wrong for doing so, but blaming him for the failing relationship will not yield a positive result. When you get down to the facts, there are reasons why a partner behaves in the manner I described above. The vast majority of the time, this behavior is a result of unmet emotional needs. Yes, he’s wrong too, but you must accept responsibility for you part as well; otherwise the relationship is doomed! Love is giving. And, you can’t force someone to give it to you. However, you can attract it from them. And, that is the formula that’s required here. So, you must look to eradicate your fears and insecurities. You must embrace personal growth an evolution. If you want him back, give him a reason to come back. To put it bluntly, he won’t go looking for a Kit-Kat Bar if he has Lady Godiva chocolate at home!

The sections below describe Feminine Grace. The underpinnings of which are self esteem, confidence, personal power and personal identity. Obtain these qualities, and your man will go to the end of time for you. Continue with fear and insecurity, and he’ll run for the hills!

A Woman that exudes Feminine Grace has walked through the fire and found her wings. She sees the love and light it brings. She’s found her voice and has hit her stride. She’s got heart, soul and faith on her side. She is proud of herself and her accomplishments. She respects herself as well as others. She is aware of who she is. She neither seeks validation from others, nor does she look to replace self-love with the love of another.

A woman that walks with Feminine Grace speaks her will and articulates her needs. She is strong enough to relinquish her fears and to pursue her dreams. She gives and receives love unconditionally and openly. She uses her strength not for self-gain but to serve and inspire others to reach their true divine potential.

She has learned the lessons of her past, is thankful for the present and embraces the future. She understands that life holds many lessons but welcomes them as a tool for greater self-knowledge and personal evolution. She embraces change and accepts life as a limitless journey. She understands the nature of her true power but walks with confident humility. She knows the divine. She knows that through the divine, she is the writer of her own destiny. She embodies the sacred feminine by mastering her masculine. She is a pure and pristine summation of mind, body and soul. Quite simply, she is authentic, divine perfection!


David Roppo

The Relationship Rehab Coach

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