How to Know if Your Marriage is in Trouble

How to Know if Your Marriage is in Trouble

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In our thousands of interviews around the world over the past three decades, we have discovered many truths. Among these are the warning signs of a failing marriage and relationship.

The telltale signs of a relationship going down the tubes are very clear. We want to share them with you because while most marriages are worth saving, there are times when getting out of a bad relationship maybe in your best interest!

Here are the five warning signs of a failing relationship:

1. You feel better when he is not with you than when he is. Just imagine, you find yourself rejoicing when the person you purport to love is NOT with you. Needless to say, this is a clear warning sign you cannot ignore. Pay close and careful attention to your feelings, as they will not, under normal circumstances, betray you.

2. When you roll over in bed at night and see his back in front of you, you are repelled – you are repulsed. You are repulsed by his smell, his physical presence, and who he is as a person. These feelings are all too common in failing marriages. You should heed the warning!

3. Lately, you have been constantly reminded that he does NOT respect you – as a person, as a human being, or as partner. He disrespects you at every turn. And the sad truth of all this is the following – he demonstrates that the only person’s opinion that matters to him is, HIS! Get smart, this guy has to go. Always remember you cannot change him!

4. It is clear that you do not really love him anymore. You pretend he is the love of your life, but do not feel it in your heart. In fact, you find his love a burden, a negative, and exasperating! To love someone is to feel a high level of reciprocation in that relationship. When you no longer love him, does it matter whether he loves you?

5. Finally, it is always about the donuts and the movies! Here’s the deal – making decisions in a loving relationship is a democratic proposition. Make no mistake about it, the best loving relationships are characterized by democracy in their relationship. If you are in a relationship where HE makes all of the important decisions, you are in a BAD relationship. When you go to a donut shop or a movie, does he always ignore your suggestions? And worse yet, when you say you would like a chocolate donut does he order a French Cruller? When you say you would like tickets to the Avengers does he buy tickets for Men in Black 3?

In the end, there are warning signs – there are clearly stated expositions about the truth of your relationship. In the end, you need to know when your relationship is over.

Heed the warnings!

In love and marriage the simple things matter.

By Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz

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