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How to keep your marriage healthy during Corona quarantine

How to keep your marriage healthy during Corona quarantine

First and foremost, we wish you and everybody else perfect health. Stay safe, stick to the guidelines and avoid any unnecessary risks to your own and others’ health.

How does quarantine -or social distancing- affect couples?

Well, in most cases you would never spend as much time together as these days. One, or both, would be out of the house and busy with work or chores for example.

Now, suddenly, we have the social duty to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Which means, stay indoors and avoid as many others as possible.

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You can, of course, not avoid your spouse or loved ones when they live under the same roof.

You can, of course, get into more fights with said persons because outside stress, inner conflict, anxiety and lack of recreation can be a deadly cocktail.

Here are tips to keep your relationship strong during this global crisis:

1. Respect “alone time”

It’s vital to understand and respect the fact that your partner is going to want some me-time, especially now. Nobody is forcing you to talk to each other or sit together 24/7.

Every human being needs some time alone to reflect on certain scenarios, this being the case more often during a crisis like a Coronavirus is right now.

So give your loved ones the space they need and demand the same for yourself. When everybody respects these private moments and understands that they are not a bad thing, many fights will be avoided.

2. Keep in touch with relatives and friends using the internet or phone calls

Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. It’s imperative that you keep in touch with the persons who are dear to you as much as you can.

This will offer you, as a couple, some much needed distraction on the one hand and it takes away unneeded worries on the other.

3. Talk about the situation, but never argue about something you can’t control anyway

This pandemic came fast but will be plaguing us all for a longer duration. It’s quite normal that people want to talk about what is going and voice their concerns.

Therefore, as a couple, it is very important to talk about the subject of the Corona epidemic and try to reassure or at least understand each other.

Avoid, at all costs, to turn something that you have absolutely no control over into a heated debate. You may not agree on some of the measures taken, but it is not your spouse who is responsible.

4. Create a chores schedule

Ooof, that probably doesn’t sound like a lot of fun… but it’s a form of control and direction that our lives are currently lacking.

Avoid an unwanted fight about stupid chores and just create a fair schedule. Plan in some chores that you can do together as well, it’s not a job board.

By creating a kind of workflow, you can mitigate at least some of the potential annoyance of spending more time together.

5. Keep fit and try to do it together

Exercise is important, no matter what is going on in the world. Buying a treadmill or exercise bike is always a good investment.

Try to go for a walk together, or exercise with your loved one as your personal coach.

You can motivate each other while you increase your health and lower your stress levels.

This is a win-win in any scenario.

6. Go outside together, but close to home

Together here meaning you and your spouse. Now is not the time to invite your friends along for a bike ride.

Apart from that, going outside is important for both your mental and physical health.

Don’t take your car to drive to a remote park either. You want to minimize the risk of contamination for everybody, so hop on your bike and go for a nice and local trip.

7. Finish those projects that have been causing arguments

Ever started on a cool project at home but never finished it, much to the frustration of your spouse? Well, now is the ideal time to make due to those promises and finish what you started.

Your partner will love you for it, you will have a sense of accomplishment and you won’t have the hear about it ever again in a negative way.

8. It’s not a holiday, but nobody said we shouldn’t enjoy each other

For many couples this quarantine can be a blessing in a very good disguise. Often work or busy schedules alienate partners and they tend to spend very little time together.

So try to remember or find the things that you enjoy doing together. It could also be a perfect time to rekindle some lost -more physical- activities.

Be a bit more naughty, flirty and in love than usual.

9. Games are always more fun together

Sure, you could play computer games all day and ignore each other. It’s a decent way to avoid immediate confrontation and a surefire way to end up in divorce.

So dust off some of those old board games and give them a go. You’d be surprised how much fun you can have if you let go of your inhibitions.

If computer games are more your thing, then pick the ones that you can play together (not against each other – we’re trying to avoid more frustration, not create it).

10. Make long term plans for things you want to do or accomplish together

It’s not easy to make plans in this day and age, that’s a fact. However, we cannot allow ourselves to give up on the future.

Have a nice and comfy sit down with your spouse and draw up some amazing ideas for things you want to discover or do together.

It will give you a brighter future perspective and put smiles on your faces.

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