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How to Choose Wedding Songs

How to Choose Wedding Songs

Music is a key element in any occasion. Even in movies, movie makers incorporate music to highlight different emotions, whether sadness, happiness, romance, anger or to put an element of surprise. Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to showcase the best songs from your play list. During weddings, your choice of song will be key in highlighting a particular activity.

Generally, you have to prepare different play lists for the following:

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– The wedding ceremony – on the processional, recessional and interlude
– During the reception – during cutting of the cake, the first dance, and reception party

During the wedding ceremony, especially if you are preparing a Catholic wedding, most churches will require traditional songs to be played, but there are some who are open to playing newer songs. For the traditional song list, you can ask the church choir to provide you a list, and ask whether you can bring in your own singer or if you can ask the church choir to play or sing them for you. For these songs, they can either be instrumental or with lyrics. The songs can be played by the church or sung by the choir.

During the reception, here is where you can truly compile a play list with your choice of songs, just be mindful of the tone, and the softness or loudness of the music. Pick songs that you think your guests will truly enjoy. You can also pick songs that have special meaning for the bride and groom.

During the cutting of the cake, play a more upbeat song. Sometimes a friend or the bride/groom is able to write a song for the wedding. The first dance is the best time to play this music. You can have another friend or a wedding singer sing this live for you for a more dramatic effect.

Wedding singers and wedding music bands specialize in different wedding music themes. They can be classic, country, or even pop, for more fanciful or offbeat weddings. Apart from original music, they usually have a playlist of wedding songs they have played and the more uncommon ones, you can use them as some of your wedding songs.

You can go to your local music store and browse through wedding albums. While you may find songs that are present in one album and then missing in another, what’s important is that you incorporate songs in your wedding that are specific to your liking, and not because those are the ones that are easily available.

Have music prepared for the parts of the wedding: the ceremony (processional, recessional, interlude), cutting the cake, first dance, and reception party.

If you will be giving wedding CD favors, you can use at least 8 – 12 songs from any of the play list you have just prepared. It is best to use love songs, so they can sing along with it, and dance songs so they’d be reminded of the wedding after party. Remember not only to pick songs that fit the theme of your wedding, but also that your guests will enjoy for years to come.

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