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How to Choose Wedding Favors

How to Choose Wedding Favors

Preparing a wedding is an exciting yet a difficult task for any bride. From deciding a color motif, to the guest list, to the design of the gowns, every detail needs to be decided on based on several factors.

One of these is choosing a wedding favor to give to the guests. A symbol of gratitude and appreciation, a wedding favor can speak volumes as to how the couple sees the attendance and participation of the guests – whether they appreciate them or not. There are a lot of wedding favors you can choose from, some are truly unique, some are cute, some are hard to order, some are readily available – but which one is the perfect fit for your wedding?

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Choosing a wedding favor may seem like a challenging task at first, but a few guidelines will help you narrow your selection. Here are some of the considerations that you have to run through before choosing a wedding favor:

– The theme of your wedding should be considered first and foremost before deciding on the other factors. It will be inappropriate and out of style if you have a garden wedding and your wedding favors are mini-snow globes. For example, if you have a garden wedding, this theme should influence your decision process. Getting favors that match your chosen motif will only re-emphasize your theme.

– Colors: This can be dark or light, and because you have a garden wedding, opt for lighter tones and softer hues, the same colors you see at garden. You may have hints of dark colors such as dark red or dark greens but keep this at a minimum.

– Images: Now that you have chosen the color, choose the image that you want to be prominent in the wedding favor. It can be a flower, a petal, the sun, or leaves.

– Type: Wedding favors can either be decorative, edible or practical. For decorative favors, your chosen image and color should be the one that it is designed after. For edible favors, you can use the image to be the mold or pattern of the favor, e.g. chocolate; and for practical favors, such as frames, coasters or candle holders, you can show the image embossed or printed on the side of the item.

– Budget: Narrow down your selection by choosing favors within your allotted budget. Resist the temptation to spend more if you cannot afford to.

– Packaging: Once you have the final item, you can choose how to package it, whether you put sticker labels, hang tags, mini cards, or place them in boxes or in small bags.

Make this a fun activity for you and your groom. Finally, you can browse through specialty bridal shops so they can give you the best options when it comes to prices.

If you have chosen the perfect wedding favors, your guests will not be confused whether they have attended a garden wedding or a Christmas-themed wedding. Your wedding will look coordinated, styled and truly special and memorable if every aspect has been thoroughly decided on.

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