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How to Choose a Wedding Veil

How to Choose a Wedding Veil

The wedding day is the one day that a woman most often feels like a princess. And so it should be. Many times, wedding dresses don’t have a matching veil so it takes a keen eye and discriminating taste to choose the perfect headpiece for that beautiful dress she loves. The tips below will definitely help when searching for the “piece de resistance” that matches her fairytale dress!

It is important to pick the veil based not only on the style of the dress but also on the circumstances and surroundings of the wedding as well. For example, if the bride has already been married, a short dress may be chosen for special day. In this instance, it is obvious that a long veil with a train would not be appropriate; a short, shoulder-length veil would look much better.

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If a long, flowing gown with elaborate detail is chosen by the bride-to-be, it would be wiser to choose a simpler veil with maybe just a bit of sequins to add sparkle. A veil that has a lacy trim around the edges is also another popular choice. In this case, it would be fine if it was long, mid-back length, or even a double-or triple-layered look, with or without a blusher. A blusher is the part of the veil that drapes over the face and is pulled up and back by either the groom or the person giving the bride away after the walk down the aisle.

There are veils that sit just on top of the head and have tulle netting that come barely below the eyes, in the event the bride chooses this style. It is more a retro-look from the 60s but may appeal to those who love the designs from that decade.

If the wedding couple gets married outside in the grass or on a beach, a more appropriate veil in those kinds of surroundings would be one that is either shoulder-length or down to the middle of the back. This would ensure that all the dirt, sand, and possible wetness from the ground would not ruin the look of the veil.

There are lots of times when a woman chooses to have a fancy hairstyle as opposed to wearing her hair down. She may choose a veil that either encircles or pins up under her beautifully coiffed look. There are several of these kinds of veils to choose from as well. They can be made with lace, hair pins, hair clips, or hair combs attached at the top. Brocade and rubber banded styles of all kinds can also be used to accentuate elegance. These veils can be layered and made of tulle, lace, or one of several other delicate materials.

The theme, style, circumstance, or visual surroundings of a wedding are as varied as the woman who is getting married. The veils that top off her dream dress are as varied, beautiful, and eclectic as the woman that wears it. Matching the veil to the dress, theme, and atmosphere adds to the perfection of the day!

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