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How to Choose a Band For Your Wedding

How to Choose a Band For Your Wedding

When you begin to consider wedding bands for the big day, certain aspects of the music ought to come to mind. Should the music of the wedding bands under consideration be exclusively geared toward the tastes of the bride and groom, or should the enjoyment of most or all of those in attendance also be taken into account?

Certainly, a celebration as grand as one’s own wedding ought to be enjoyed by most of those at the event, and wedding bands considered for the primary entertainment would, in a best case scenario, appeal to the majority of attendees. While there are what could be called “variety bands,” that play a mix of several styles of music, at least some of the styles performed will likely not sit well with everyone.

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One style, however, that appeals to virtually everyone involved in any type of celebration is that of Caribbean music. It is both fun and laid-back at the same time, and can really be the perfect backdrop for any event involving a wide range of audience types or age groups. Caribbean music can be enjoyed in the background while attendees socialize because of its laid back nature, or danced to because of the highly catchy beats. Wedding bands that perform Caribbean reggae and calypso music are possibly a top consideration for such a formidable event as a wedding.

In this regard, when it comes to Caribbean music, it’s probably good to have a band that plays more than just reggae. While reggae is certainly the most famous of the island beats, who could deny the appeal of “Are you feeling Hot Hot Hot” soca music?! As this beat grew from its origins in the island of Trinidad and was made famous by Harry Belefonte, calypso music, as it’s said, got an injection of soul; and, taking the ‘so’ from soul, and the ‘ca’ from calypso, became soca music! This infectious beat is a sure bet to get everyone in attendance thinking about conga lines or limbo contests but, in every case, thinking of fun!

A band that it known for keeping the Caribbean vibe going throughout their performances is the band, Irie Time. (The word “Irie”, pronounced “eye-ree”, is the Jamaican patois word for “feeling great”!) The group has been performing at weddings, as well as a wide variety of events, from international concerts to intimate receptions, for over a decade. The virtuoso musicians of which the band consists are highly experienced, and are able to ‘read’ an audience and play directly to each stage of an evening’s event. Typically, in a wedding reception environment, Irie Time will start out easy, playing jazzy instrumental and steel pan music as guests arrive and begin socializing. Then, as the night goes on and attendees get ready to party, Irie Time knows how to ‘kick it up a notch’ and get the dance floor filled with people ready to let loose and enjoy themselves.

Irie Time is noted for playing updated versions of popular island cover songs, like “Day-O”, Bob Marley songs or, of course, “Hot Hot Hot(!)”, while mixing in their acclaimed original compositions from their own CD releases. Excerpts from their albums can be heard on-line at their website under the ‘Downloads’ tab. They also have an on-line demo that can be accessed upon request, which features their outstanding instrumental and steel pan music, a number of their island cover songs and, of course, their latest CD track excerpts. Email them under the Contacts tab on their website for more information.

The celebration of your wedding is something you’ll want everyone to remember as the most enjoyable and exciting event in memory. The outstanding, and even inspiring, musicians in Irie Time will be something your friends and family will marvel at, and will recount with admiration for years to come. As many people recognize, events can only be as good as their entertainment, and Irie Time is the best of the best. Check out a recent fan video of the group performing live at their website.


Zen Sterling has followed the band IRIE TIME for nearly a decade. The group performs Caribbean Reggae and Soca music. For more information, go to or phone 713-398-3798. (See also,, and Irie!!

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