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Communication in Marriage

Lack or breakdown of communication is the primary reasons marriages fail. Couples have to learn to talk and listen to each other if they desire a solid marriage.

Communication, most especially verbal is what makes us different from other animals and that is the foundation of all human relationship.

Two people cannot walk together except they agree and they can’t agree except they TALK.

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No marriage can be right if the parties involved have not mastered the art of communication.

Communication can either be:

  • Zero Communication: No communication at all, there is total blackout
  • Negative Communication: Though there is communication, it is negative. It does not edify men or glorify God. It is full of lying, nagging, bitterness, abusive words, comparison, condemnation, blaming, cutting-remarks etc.
  • Ineffective Communication: It is not negative; but, it doesn’t fulfil the purpose which communication stands for. It involves half-truth, ambiguity, generalization, the coloration of language, coded words, etc.
  • Effective Communication: This is a complete communication. It fulfils its purpose. It involves carrying the message to the hearer and getting feedback. It involves sharing information, ideas, emotion, plans, vision, feelings, etc. When communication is effective, marriage will be healthy, romantic, hot and sizzling. In other words, if your marriage is sick, it is either your communication is at a zero level, negative or ineffective. When effective communication departs from home, frustration will definitely set in to destroy the family.

Effective communication allows couples to:

  • Discuss and explore a solution
  • Be connected to each other
  • Express feelings and thoughts to each other.
  • Make one understand one’s spouse feelings and thought.
  • Bring about the intercourse of ideas.
  • Sort through issues and problems.
  • Minimize disagreement and argument.
  • Agree easily.
  • Be closer
  • Enhances intimacy and fondness
  • Understand each other easily.
  • Build a better and stronger marriage.

Communication basically involves three major things.

  • Thinking
  • Talking
  • Listening.

To have effective communication, these three issues must be handled wisely.

Your thinking must be right.

You must learn to think positively about your spouse and issues at home because your thinking will go ahead to influence your talking or listening either positively or negatively.

That is why you must learn to sanitize your heart so that you may be able to control your ear and your tongue.

Talking is equally important.

It can either be negative or positive, effective or ineffective. In talking, you must allow the spirit of God to control your tongue and you must obey the scripture.

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