7 Signs Of A Bad Marriage

7 Signs Of A Bad Marriage

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If your marriage is bad, struggling and on the verge of divorce, you certainly need the best information. With that being said, below are 7 signs of a bad marriage.

1. Marrying As Teenagers

Studies have shown that couples who married as teenagers will not have a lasting marriage and relationship. They marry not really out of love for each other but because the girls got pregeant after their sexual intercourse.

They hope by marrying early, all this problems will be solved but they are wrong. Apart from taking care of baby, they have to manage all recurring household expenses and bills from time to time. Unless they have a sustainable, stable and passive streams of income, it is very hard to maintain a happy marriage.

2. Always Arguing Over Minor Issues

If you and your spouse gets irritated over minor issues, then chances are your marriage will collapse unless you know exactly how to pacify your spouse for good.

Consistent argument – especially heated ones – will jeopardize your marriage if it is not handled properly.

3. Children Of Divorced Parents

If their parents are divorced, the chances of them getting divorced are higher too.

Doubts, fears, insecurity and uncertainty are 4 primary reasons why they are not unable to trust and have full faith in their relationship.

4. Both Divorcees After Just 1 To 2 Years Of Marriage

If you and your spouse are both divorces after just 1 to 2 years of marriage, chances are your marriage will also last 1 to 2 years.

It will already be a blessing if your marriage can go into the 3rd year

and beyond.

Unfortunately times have changed. Considering the fact that women also want to be career independent and have their own lifestyle and freedom, most marriages only last for 1 to 2 years and ended up in divorces by the 3rd or 4th year.

5. Unstable Income

This is the root cause of most marriages that ended up in divorces.

If you and your spouse does not have a stable careers, it also means that both your income is unstable.

Unless either one or both of you have other passive or sustainable sources of income other than just working, your marriage will certainly end in divorce as you will blame each other for overspending and not doing enough to manage household expenses which will come month after month.

6. Dislike Children

Not everyone likes children.

While some people see children as a blessing and joy to their lives, others see them as burden and hinderence to their freedom in living the way they want.

Looking after someone’s children and your own are 2 different matters entirely.

When you babysit for someone, your responsibility will only be for a while unless you chose babysitting as your career or pastime. But when you look after your own, your responsibility will be for the next 10, 20 or even 30 years of your life until your children are old and mature to look after themselves.

If you or your spouse do not like children, this could lead to argument and divorce.

7. Problems With In-Laws

If either one or both of your or her parents find fault with you or your spouse, this will also jeopardize your marriage.

This usually occurs when their daily living habits and lifestyle contradicts one another or when they see things differently.

Failure to manage this problem properly not affects you and your spouse but also your children especially the way they think after being told by in-laws on bad things about their parents.

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