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6 Activities that Save a Marriage in Turmoil

6 Activities that Save a Marriage in Turmoil

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The contract you signed on the day you exchanged vows entails a lifetime commitment. When you promise the other death is the only thing that can set you apart, you give yourself as your ultimate manifestation of love. But on the wedding day, everything is easier said than done. As years pass by, when you go through the fear of the real roller-coaster ride, you sometimes forget that a marriage in crisis can still be resolved.

If you’re facing this kind of situation, here are five suggested activities that will keep your union intact.

Discuss the bliss and fuss.

Talk about your marriage seriously. If you can, list all the good points you, your partner and your relationship possess and always make room for appreciation. Keep it and write more if you have discoveries along the way. Point out tactfully your weaknesses as well. However, you don’t need to jot them down since they are meant to be forgiven and forgotten. What is not visible will be easily forgotten.

Enliven the kitchen.

Cooking loses its main purpose when the food isn’t shared with the people around you. Further, when you’re not in speaking terms with the people at the dining table, even the most delicious recipe of Martha Stewart is savorless. Given these facts, working together at the kitchen is a wonderful opportunity to have a great time with each other. You can talk about anything under the sun blithely. It will encourage teamwork too. After all, your stomachs are at stake.

Recall the day you started your journey.

Bring out your wedding album and smile as you turn over the pages. Didn’t she stun you with her blooming aura? Did he tickle you when he took off the garter? Did your guests often clank their glasses just to see you kiss in bliss? Your wedding photos have captured how happy you were and how happy you can still be with one another. Can you simply let that slip away?

Make yourself available for the other.

A marriage in crisis can also be overcome by sacrifice. Giving up your football playoff game tickets for window shopping or canceling a belly dancing session at the gym for an eat-all-you-can meal may mean willingness to go an extra mile. These moves will affect your relationship positively. Just being together to have quality time is a sign of loyalty. It leads to satisfaction in your married life.

Tighten the tie in bed.

Inside the room, you can be who you really are. In that sense, it’s the best place to enrich your love for one another. Go to bed together. Cuddle each other under the same blanket, do your tête-à-tête conversations more often and play some sappy music. Explore and satisfy the sensual needs of your spouse. Get excited. You are on your own.

Express, don’t suppress.

If you agree with Charles Noble’s quote, “First we make our habits, then our habits make us,” you believe that expressing your love every day to your spouse is not an ordinary routine. As a matter of fact, it influences everything about you. Say the magic words more often and more sincerely. You are supposed to express your love for your spouse all the time.

Your story doesn’t need to have a sad ending to make it sound realistic. As long as both parties cooperate to save the marriage in crisis, it will certainly not end in a miserable state. Instead of focusing on the negative aspect, engage yourselves in activities that will keep the love alive. That way, you will find the road to your happy ending.

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