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The 5 Most Common Lies Men Tell Women

The 5 Most Common Lies Men Tell Women

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In the 1993 movie, Body of Lies, Madonna’s character famously says it best… “Men lie. They just do.” It hurts to be the victim of these lies. Women often think they have actually caused the men to lie through some fault of their own. The truth is men often simply lack the courage to face the negative consequences of honesty. Lying is easier, so they do it. Men see lies as useful tools to solve problems and often lack the empathy to understand or care about the pain their lies cause. Here are 5 of the most common lies and some solutions to keep from being the victim:

1. “I’ll call you”

A man will often say this to a woman he is not interested in and has not intention of ever calling. In his mind, it is no different than saying, “nice to meet you, goodbye.” Men typically don’t even consider it a lie. They also use the “I’ll call you later” fib when they have slept with a woman but are not sure if they ever want to see her again. They want a quick exit and to avoid conflict. But they also want to have the option of a booty call in the future. Yet, in both cases the woman naively expects that the man actually meant, “I’ll call you.”

2. “I love you”

Men know that women need to feel emotionally connected to men before letting them in their bedrooms. These three words, while considered sacred to most women, act like a magic passkey for men. They often compound the lie by saying they have never said those words to another woman before. But one survey found that over 70% of college-aged men admitted to lying to exaggerate their feelings about a woman in order to have sex with her. And 97% of the women in the survey said they had been lied to in this manner.

3. “I can’t stay the night. I have a big meeting in the morning”

Once they are sure they can get you into bed, they start plotting how to get you OUT of bed. Men lie to preserve their freedom and autonomy at the expense of your feelings and their character. Besides, they don’t want to have to deal with the makeup-free, bed headed, morning breath girl that you transform into overnight. They want the fantasy, not reality. And they are willing to lie to get it.

4. “I’ve never had an STD”

Men know that if they tell you the truth, you are NOT going to sleep with them. They see this as a necessary lie. How’s a guy supposed to live without sex, right? He justifies his lie by telling himself that if you are stupid enough to believe him and not require a test, then you deserve to catch it.

5. “I’m not seeing anyone else”

No need for much explanation here. Men lie to get away with it. They know you want to believe them. And they attack YOU for even suspecting them.

The SOLUTION:There are three things any woman can do to eliminate the motives behind most of these lies.

1. Don’t have premarital sex.

I know it sounds shocking in this day and age, but there is a reason why every major religion has a strict code of abstinence outside of marriage. Without it, society disintegrates. Men will cheat and lie to have sex outside of marriage. And women, being naive, hopeful and unsuspecting, will believe the lies. Remove the motive upfront. As your reward, you will find an honest, patient guy with character who wants to know YOU, not just your body, and is willing to prove his commitment to you the old-fashioned way.

2. Don’t get engaged without an STD test.

You deserve to know what you are getting into before you are committed. The earlier in the relationship, the better. You can avoid many problems and expose a liar sooner. But do not use a clean test result as an excuse to start sleeping with a man.

3. Be willing to walk away from a liar.

Men are used to getting away with lies to women. They are often arrogant and will eventually get caught. You MUST be willing to walk away and never look back. Going back to a liar only reinforces his sense of power and control. Going back ensures more misery. Ask yourself how many years of your life you are willing to live with the pain of being lied to.

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