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Simple Measures That Will Make Him Yearn To Commit

Simple Measures That Will Make Him Yearn To Commit

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Very many of us have dated men who do not seem to have the urge to move past the dating stage and make a more serious commitment. Many ladies therefore go through their dating in frustration as they see no hope of their expectations being fulfilled. However, although there is nothing magical that you can do so as to make your man suddenly get crazy about marriage, there are some simple measures that will help you change the course of things.

Help him realize that marriage does not result in loss of precious things

There are many reasons that make men tend to avoid the issue of commitment, one of them being the fear of losing some of the things they value. One of the things that a man would not like to lose is his freedom.

Therefore, if you want your boyfriend to consider marriage seriously, you should show him that you won’t smother his freedom. For instance, do not plan all your life around him. Let him have his own space at times. When a man sees that you won’t chain him to you after marriage, he will be more interested in making a lasting commitment.

Do not be available all the time

As you give your boyfriend more space to enjoy his freedom, you should also arrange your own schedules, where you will need to plan things that take you away from him. Make your plans entirely on your own, including any necessary finances.

Be discreet

Here’s one sure way of making your efforts backfire is to bring up the idea of marriage as your own idea. You will be more successful if you discreetly urge him towards thinking about the subject on his own. It is mainly for this reason that you should avoid talking about the issue at all. Telling him about it will simply put him on the defensive.

The best way to make the man think of marriage on his own is to avoid talking about the subject in any way. In addition, you should remove any indications of commitment, such as bridal magazines. In this way, your boyfriend will think more and more about getting married.

Fulfill his thirst for hunting

Men are naturally born with the hunting spirit. Hence when you give him something to chase in you, he will take you more seriously. For instance, you should not be available to him all the time. Instead, you should give him the chance to miss you. In the process of chasing after you so that you do not slip out of his fingers, the man will decide to commit.

There are some specific measures that you can take in order to influence your boyfriend to stop his carefree nature and think of committing.

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