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How Do I Know My Girlfriend Is Avoiding Me?

(‘How Do I Know My Girlfriend Is Avoiding Me?

Abruptly, you gaze at your cellphone and you get the idea that the “good morning ” text definitely isn’t waiting for you as it usually is. You begin wondering if something could be wrong, so you send her a text asking if she’s okay and telling her to buzz you. Of course, her reply never comes. Your phone never rings. From then on, it hits you. You’re being ignored, but why? “What did I do? Was it something that I said, ” you wonder?

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Before you assure yourself that your assumption is correct, here are three steps to help you:

1. Give Her Leeway

Don’t be anxious. . Allow her plenty of time to reply to your initial call or text. Resist the temptation to call her asking “what’s going on. ” Regardless of whether she is deliberately giving you the silent treatment or not, aggravating her with too many calls and instant messges will not make her respond any faster. On the other hand, such desperation could make you sound unassured and desperate, both of which will generally make you less appealing to her.

2. Try Not To Ascertain The Worst

It often is advantageous if you don’t ascertain she is, indeed, ignoring you just yet. If she hasn’t yet provided you a reason for her being upset or asked you for space, then you should not in any way leap to any conclusions. Assumptions are often very dangerous in a relationship. Your creativity will run wild if you allow it, and without the facts, most if not all of your conclusions will be in error.

Thinking “my girlfriend is ignoring me ” is an assumption, clear and simple. And, if you start convincing yourself that she is actually ignoring you before you have the facts in hand, for example, you’ll likely feel compelled to confront her about it. Confronting her about a mistaken belief like this will do greater damage than benefit, I guarantee you. She will instinctively defend herself, and the two of you could end up in an unnecessary argument, leading to her avoiding you even if she wasn’t before.

3. Work On Yourself

Look closely at what you might have done to hurt her or what you could improve about your behavior in the relationship. Do you contact her too often, leaving her very little room for time away from you, for example? If so, you should take some time for yourself, and give her the space to do as she pleases for now as well.

Determine whether there are other areas in which you could use some slight improvement, and work on those areas as well. Do you adhere to your promises, for example? Or, are there any other habits that you display that your girlfriend isn’t exactly dazzled with that maybe you could work on improving or stopping altogether like smoking or leaving the dirty dishes in the sink? Working on forging yourself into the best man you can be is always a great method to boost your relationship. If her neglecting you, if that is the problem, is the result of a number of things you’ve said or done to upset her, then working on improving yourself will be a great way to demonstrate to her that she truly is very important to you.

Before you start assuming “my girlfriend is ignoring me, ” you should always be certain of the facts. Don’t assume the worst, and if you must assume anything, assume the best possible scenario for why your girlfriend isn’t replying to you right now. After all, she could really be too distracted by other things in her life at the moment to respond right now.

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