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100 Romantic Ideas: Turn Your Relationship Into A Fountain Of Joy

Romance is so very important to the wellbeing, health and the wealth Your relationship will produce, because it is the credit that you build-up in your partners emotional bank account that is specially kept, just for you. That is human we all to that.

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Forgiveness and appreciation for who you are and who you are becoming, leniency for where you are still strengthening your skills and developing your abilities comes just so much easier when your account is in the green.

When the very thought of you is enough to protect your relationship from any onslaught. When a thought of you is enough to make your partner glow with bliss, you will realize that romance has the ability to protect your relationship, in a way that contracts and intimidation can’t

Romance sets the stage for mind-blowing intercourse, guaranteed.

1. First thing in the morning, brush your teeth slip back into bed with your partner and gently start kissing him/her on the earlobe, at intervals use the tip of your tongue too. When your partner is awake whisper in his/her ear how grateful you are that you have another day together.

2. Set your alarm for one hour earlier in the morning, run the shower at the perfect temperature, play your special song, gently wake up your partner and tempt him/her into the bathroom and enjoy a shower together. This really sets the tone for the day.

3. Send your partner a small gift, such as a picture of the two of you in a quality frame, to work with a beautiful card saying “you are everything I want and need”

4. Buy a platter for two with your partner’s favorite snacks on it, meet your partner outside his/her workplace and the two of you go for a quick lunch. Remember to get something to drink. Do it with as much flair and style as possible. Buy stunning serviettes for instance.

5. Phone your favorite restaurant ask them to prepare a table for two with flowers, and candles, write a card to your partner with a list of all the things that make him/her so exceptional to you. Make an appointment with your partner to meet you at the venue, think of some excuse why you can’t arrive together, be 5 min late, and let your partner discover the surprise without your presence.

6. Make dinner, let your partner join you in the kitchen, while you are preparing the food, play some music, let your partner be the head of the music department for the evening, while you do all the cooking. Pour each of you a glass of wine, in between the cooking, dance with your partner tell him/her how much you care and how wonderful, he/she makes you feel.

7. Prepare a bottle of massage oil, or buy one from a health store. Watch something together on TV that fascinates your partner but bores you. Give your partner a body massage that will turn any boring TV show into your own fun show.

8. Kiss, Kiss, Kiss never stop kissing do it often and do it with passion.

9. Go fishing at a very quiet spot and do it topless. Pack a picnic basket, with some really amazing food in it. Make sure you have a blanket or something similar that you can just relax on after a hearty meal.

10. Watch the city lights together from a balcony or a safe place in the open air, have a fire burning. Fire is really filled with passion and gives plenty of ambiance, sip on a glass of wine. Then you dream together, build your future, and visualize yourself 10 years from today.

So many couples stop dreaming once they are married, they think they have reached the goal, yet they have only given the first steps on a long road if they are blessed. The road can be rocky and full of regrets, or it can be the most wonderful most fulfilling experience life has to offer. As always the choice is yours.

According to me I was married to the Master of Romance, Hannes Manowarda. He passed away 20 years ago, the love that we shared still sustain and inspire me this very day. He had colon cancer, but no pain, fear, uncertainty or circumstances stopped him from giving me his very best, every day.

The most heartbreaking moments for me is, to watch couples go out to dinner, beautifully dressed, awesome food and venue and they sit and stare right past each other, there is nothing, the relationship is dead. They are so very lonely each of them living in their own world. All they do is performing a ritual. That is when I realize the difference between loneliness and being on your own

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