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Why Women Leave Men – The Shocking Truth About Why Women Leave Men

So why do women leave men? Well, the reasons are usually much different than why men leave women.

For example, while men crave respect women crave appreciation. There is usually a strong misconception among men that women are usually like a classic motor car, that is, high maintenance but this is really not the case.

If only men realized that keeping their women happy just required a little consistent appreciation then they wouldn’t be going into damage control when the crunch comes and they leave.

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You’ve got to understand, women in the main are loyal to their men and it will take a lot of indirect frustration from men towards women to drive them to the point of throwing their hands in the air and saying enough is enough.

How To Make Women Feel Appreciated

The relationship between a man and a women has a very fine line between love and “I’ve had enough.”

It’s not usually hate when women leave men it’s more frustration that they just can’t seem to get through to them that some appreciation once in awhile will go a long way to keeping the relationship vessel on a steady course.

Yes, a cheating man or abusive man is a green light for women to leave men and in this case, the reasons are obvious. But the fact is, many women just become dissatisfied through lack of acknowledgment and the dangers of this will usually mean looking for it somewhere else.

Men who are players will usually be lurking in the distance somewhere waiting for an opportunity.

Women who are currently dissatisfied with their man’s lack of appreciation will be drawn to these type of guys who know how to play the game and give them what their lacking. Before you know it, an affair develops.

If your woman has left for another man then ask yourself why she needed to go elsewhere to find the attention and appreciation she so craved.

Who’s to blame? Well, one of the secrets to getting your partner back is to refrain from playing the blame game. This goes for both. As a man, you could do well to admit your faults rather than “fly off the handle” and try and understand why the hiccup occurred.

Yes, it’s tough but a part of the magic of making up which needs to be addressed before the healing process can begin.

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