3 Common Reasons Why Does Divorce Occurs In A Marriage

3 Common Reasons Why Does Divorce Occurs In A Marriage

Here is an interesting fact! Did you know that early marriage is a key predictor for divorce in later life? It is understood that about half of the people who marry under the age of 18 and about 40% under the age of 20 will end up in a divorce settlement! This is research that was conducted by the atlanta Journal Constitution.

The research also went as far to mention that an estimated Ten years is the approximate lifetime of a couple that marry in their teens… end in a divorce! This is an unfortunate statement and it suggests also that if a couple marry at an early age… it ends in divorce! Marrying late is a cause for a lower quality of marriage! This has been revealed by similar research conducted in the NFI (National Fartherhood Initiative)

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The ideal age to marry seems to be between 23-27 years of age! This age group is less likely to head in the direction of a divorce in comparison to the younger age group! However, the question remains due to high divorce rates.. “how can we abolish all these divorces from happening and fix the broken relationships?

Well… one of the main reasons for a divorce is infidelity. The reason for infidelity to happen in a marriage is perhaps rooted to an unsatisfactory marriage and pure boredom. It is also known that women are fast catching up with men in this area!

Another marital breakdown is poor communication which of course results in divorce if it is not dealt with correctly! If couples are becoming bad communicators toward each other.. then it is inevitable that the couple will lead themselves down the road to divorce.

Finally the last common reason why a divorce happens in a marriage is due to financial issues and disagreements where money matters. This is especially a heated reason in an economic down turn like the one we are experiencing these days in 2009! With jobs being lost on either side of the marriage… couples find it very difficult to maintain their marriage where financial stress is in abundance!

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