The Importance Of Your Behavior On A First Date

(‘The Importance Of Your Behavior On A First Date

How you behave on the first date usually dictates whether or not a second date will take place. Because of this, many people go into such lengths to look and act their best. However, what people do not know is that there’s more to first dates than just looking good, acting interested, flirting or conversing. Behaving oneself properly is often overlooked, not knowing that this is actually very important.

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Always be on time for dates. Plan ahead so that you will know the best route to take in order to get to your location. When planning your date it would be a good idea to add some extra time for miscellaneous delays such as traffic and accidents. In this manner, you will still be able to make it in time for your date even if you encounter such delays. And if you got there early, use the time to prepare and get yourself ready. You should never make your date wait for you. After all, everybody’s time is precious so it pays to show your partner that you respect his/her schedule too.

Always be polite. There are times when you may feel annoyed or discouraged if your date isn’t going as well as you hoped it would. But remember that there is no excuse for rude behavior. As much as possible, pay attention to what your date is saying, engage in conversation, act as if you are happy, and always smile. They took the time and effort to meet you, so at least show your date that you value their efforts by being polite.

Also remember to be thoughtful and sensitive to your date’s feelings. Refrain from making fun of your date in a terrible way. To you, it might seem that a joke is funny, but to them it could be construed as criticism. In the end, you could end up hurting your date’s feelings. If you are going to reject them you should be kind and do it in a thoughtful manner.

Be honest in dealing with your dates. Although it might seem “thoughtful ” for you to tell someone you’re interested even if you’re not, it’s really not a good idea. You’re just leading them on for nothing, and this would mean wasted efforts and feelings on their part. If you’re not interested in someone, then be honest and tell your date (in a thoughtful way) that you do not wish to have a second date. Be respectful but straightforward, so you do not waste either of your time.

Lastly, be flexible when setting dates. Sometimes plans may get mixed up so you should be prepared to handle such things on your first date. For example, if you planned on taking your date to a particular movie but your date wanted to just grab a cup of coffee somewhere, don’t make your date feel bad. Instead be flexible enough to try another venue. Besides, the objective is to get to know your date more, so if you have to step outside of your comfort zone, then it won’t hurt to try. These are some things you should always keep in mind when on a first date. Remember, your manners and etiquette matter!

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