I Want A Girlfriend – Three Fast Advices On Becoming A Girl Magnet

(‘I Want A Girlfriend – Three Fast Advices On Becoming A Girl Magnet

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Imagine that you know perfectly what a girl really wants; you’ll be able to seize her heart and get all perks that follow it. Isn’t that what men always want? Make a resolution and believe that it’ll happen: “I want a girlfriend! ” Then, go out and find a girl that will make that wish come true. If you can find that girl, rest assured, you got one heck of a relationship in the making.

Read along and hopefully, you’ll be on a date next Friday night. There are some tips and tricks to get that attraction build up within you. You will probably find yourself glowing of desperation occasionally, however try to keep that glow back and make all the right moves to go and have her. Even better, have her running after you as if you are a sale item at a store. That is the charm you must create if you want to be successful in having a girlfriend.

Consider them as equals

Here’s one simple fact. Some women like a macho man, while others favor a true gentleman. In general, women want a mixture of both. Some women prefer their guys to be powerful and decision makers. Some others prefer to lead and wish their man to follow them. Come on buddy, no need to let your ego go down in shame at this stage. This doesn’t mean that women always want it that way. It’s just that women want to be treated as equals and as individuals. Clear enough for you? Read along.

Watch how you flirt with them

Women of every age and blood group are mysterious. They like to show a little and conceal a little, so that will more than often leave us men baffled. But if you are searching for an ice breaker, your girl should prefer to see a bit of flirtation from you. There is no such thing as classy flirtation. But there is a rude and ridiculous way of flirting. Tone down on that and perhaps you can score with a basic pick up line.

Meet many of them

Hit a night club on a Friday night. Most people are there to chill and prepared to enjoy the weekend. Women love to have fun, if you can show her a great time, then she’ll give you a great time. That’s right! It is completely possible to break the ice at the night club. Don’t look at yourself in the mirror and say âx80x9cI want a girlfriend!âx80x9d Say âx80x9cI got my girl running after me like it’s a race and I’m the prize trophy!âx80x9d

Of course, the tips above aren’t the only way to get yourself a girlfriend. Even by simply declare “I want a girlfriend ” then sit back and do nothing, you might have a girl or two come to you. Yet, it’s most likely that when that happens, you already at your 30s, extremely frustrated, and still living in your parents house. Don’t want that do you? So go out, make use all of your talents and follow the tips above. You will have your girl and she’ll be crazy about you. This isn’t rocket science, but you do have to put some efforts into it.

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