Tips secuding straight man

How to Seduce a Straight Man

How to Seduce a Straight Man

  1. Take the correct approach
  2. Strike a conversation
  3. Talk dirty
  4. Do not talk anal
  5. Kissing must be avoided
  6. Don’t push him too hard
  7. Just don’t talk homosexual

7 Tips to seduce a straight man explained:

Straight men often turn out to be the gay mystery. It can be very difficult to seduce them and bag them as well. However, the odds can be upped very easily if you actually know how to use the correct techniques at the correct time. It takes a lot of subtlety and savoir-faire to seduce a straight guy; but once you master the techniques, there will be no looking back.

Noted herein are some useful ways to seduce a straight guy:

Take the Correct Approach

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Never be aggressive in your behavior; try to attract attention by maintaining distance. Just eye contact should be good enough to pass the message.

When you are trying to seduce a straight guy, always wait for the guy to make eye contact with you. But make sure you are not staring at him. Your body language should be very confident, which will eventually make the guy attracted to you.

Once done, the guy will make the move himself and will oftentimes approach you for a conversation.

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Strike a Conversation

The way you converse will make a huge difference in your success rate. Be humorous in your approach, but not aggressive! See if the guy is still maintaining eye contact and, if not, you can always maintain it yourself. He will be bound to pursue you and this will definitely lead to his interest being piqued.

As the conversation progresses, attraction will eventually develop.

Talk Dirty

Dirty talk can set the world on fire. Get the guy to talk all about his sexual life. Ask him about his satisfaction levels, talk about the quality of sex and if he feels like there’s anything that he’s missing. Try to show that there is something lacking in his sexual life and that he needs improvement, which only you can provide. Your words, your actions, your implications and your moves can do it all for you.

Do not Talk Anal

It is very important to avoid this topic! Cutting directly to this topic can take the guy to a different level of negative imagination. Try to feed the guy’s imagination with lots of fantasies about cozy and steamy sessions, but do not indulge in too much (or any) explicit sex talk.

Kissing Must Be Avoided

It is better not to kiss a straight guy; he might not like it. Kissing is not something that men normally relish. But if your guy wants to, go ahead. The word “no” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary during your pursuit!

Don’t Push Him Hard

It is not advised to push your man hard; let things happen naturally, and you both can enjoy it. Maintaining a gentle, yet seductive attitude is the best way to go about it. Being too pushy is often annoying, and more so for a straight guy.

Just Don’t Talk Homosexual

This can be really damaging; never ever talk about homosexuality with a straight guy. You must avoid this at all cost when you are trying to seduce a straight guy. This is one subject that few men would like to discuss. Just have the correct attitude and wear it right; then the guy will follow you.

Some extra information about seducing a straight man

seduce hetero man

Straight men who indulge in gay sex happens far more often than you would imagine! A straight man will not consider himself to be gay when he is merely experimenting with new sexual experiences. If you can be his partner for that exploration, he will absolutely enjoy it.

As long as you come off as a confident, calm and trustworthy guy, you won’t scare him off. Do not instantly transgress into a converstation about steamy gay sex, but let it grow on him while you remain confident and gradually move the conversation in the direction you want.

At some point you and/or he will talk about sex, because that’s what happens frequently among men. Perhaps his sexual life has become a dull experience and he is looking for something new and exciting. This is where you don’t say “Let me show you something cool”. Instead, share your own experiences and highlight the amazing and adventurous things that you enjoyed the most. This will peak his interest.

Unless the straight guy is super interested, chances are very low that you will hit succes on a first contact. So build up trust and friendship, he already knows you’re gay and what to expect.
Talk about sports, movies, or whichever interests you share with him. Become a trusted acquantance or even friend. This might take some weeks or even months, but it is necessary if he is reluctant to experiment with gay sex.

And then the hardest part: making the move. If you spent the time getting to know eachother and building trust, it should be a bit easier to just go for it. Keep in mind that if he really doesn’t want anything like that, you may never hear from him again. If he doesn’t agree on it, but you can laugh it off, there is still a chance he is thinking it over. Just don’t push it any further then.

You can jokingly start with “Hey man, isn’t your wife getting jealous? She probably thinks you get laid more with me than with her!” and see if there is a positive response. Alternatively you can just straight up offer oral sex, which is a good start for his gay sexual exploration.

It is also important to remember what your inital goal was: to have sex with a straight man. During all this talking and bonding, you should try to not fall in love. This will make it even harder on you if he refuses and drops all contant. It’s also not easy to keep it strictly a sexual adventure if you love him and he just wants to have some fun. Remember, he is not gay, so don’t make it gay. It’s a beautiful sexual experience.

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