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How To Know If A Woman Wants You To Approach Her

(‘How To Know If A Woman Wants You To Approach Her

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If like most men, the thought of approaching a strange woman to start a conversation sends butterflies to your stomach, then there are two things you can do. You can either learn the art of approaching women confidently or wait for women to send you flirting signals that they are interested in you. However, if you are not skilled at picking up these signals, then you may miss out on everything and hence my suggestion is that you learn both skills.

This article will touch on how to identify flirting signals girls send out to men they are interested in and when you can approach them successfully.

Since both of you have yet to meet, the only way a woman can send you flirting signals is through her body language. Most women who flirt with men are subconsciously telling the guys that they are interested and want to take things to a higher level and in essence is signaling to the men to approach them.

However, sometimes women flirt for the fun of it and may not be genuinely attracted to their flirting targets. Whatever the case, it is not important because since she is already flirting with you, you can always play along and who knows, you may spark an attraction in her later.

So be very observant when you are in a venue with the presence of women. One of the signs is that she will be constantly in your direction or even at you directly. If you noticed that a woman who keeps looking in your direction, she is probably checking you out although she may not be attracted by you just yet. But by virtue of her checking you out, there must be some interest already.

Now, if you happen to look her way and she locks eyes with you, then this is a very obvious signal. You must know that establishing eye contact is one of the main ways women flirt with men. So if you hold her gaze and smile at her and she reciprocates your smile, the time has come for you to approach her.

Sometimes, it is the woman who initiates the smile when she captures you in an eye contact. Women who flirt by sending you a smile first is in effect telling that she likes what she sees and wants you to approach her. This is because girls do not casually smile at guys whom they are not attracted to. If you are shy and look away without approaching her, you would have burned away the opportunity and may not get a second chance because women are turned off by men who have low self esteem or she may think that you are not interested and do not bother any further.

Often times, when a woman flirts with you, she will also make some effort to get your attention such as she may walk or stand near you several times. If you find her standing beside you alone, she probably is isolating herself so that you can have a better opportunity to approach and talk to her. So do grasp the opportunity if you are also interested in her.

By knowing and being observant on these pick me up cues, you can be more confident in the fact that she is interested in you and it is up to you approach her to start a conversation.

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