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Cute Pick Up Line That Works Almost Every Single Time

(‘Cute Pick Up Line That Works Almost Every Single Time

Cute pick up lines will get a woman to smile every single time.

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As a matter of fact, if you pull it off right, cute pick up lines will make a woman’s day.

On the other hand, cheesy pick up lines will actually REPEL her and make her run the other direction faster than a speeding bullet.

I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve met literally thousands of women in the last four years.

Let’s do the math…

An average of at least 12 women per week. Every single week for 4 years straight.

So that’s a lot of women… really.

And while I was doing this, I experimented with dozens of different ways to start conversations with women.

I’ve probably tried over 50 new techniques to pick up women in a month, and out of the 50 only a handful worked really well.

Out of all the different ones I tried, here’s one of the cutest pick up lines that seem to work almost every single time.

In this approach, I incorporate a little bit of flirting right off the bat. I’ve also used it more times than I can count and it has rarely failed.


So let’s say I’m walking down the beach and I see a beautiful woman sitting down by the shore.

I walk up to her and ask her a question.

It can be any question.

If nothing comes up in your mind, then just ask her if she knows any good places to eat around the beach.

Now comes the best part. After hearing what she has to say, I look at her, smile and say “You know what… I was just kidding around. I’m from here and I know this place like the back of my hand.I just came here because I think you are cute and I wanted to get to know you a little bit. “

Then she usually blushes and becomes speechless afterwards.

We usually end up talking for awhile, then exchanging numbers afterwards or go on a date right that second (which is another topic I’ll be talking about in the future).

This routine works like magic.

When you try this cute pick up line out, you’ll notice that women will start opening up to you more and more.

There you go, another awesome technique straight from my big bag of tricks.

Don’t take my word for it… Try it out!

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