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Blind Dating 101 – Advice For Gay Singles Meeting For The First Time

( “Blind Dating 101 – Advice For Gay Singles Meeting For The First Time

Whether you met through a friend, online or a same-sex dating service like the Nuera Network, meeting someone for the first time on a date can be stressful. What if you aren’t attracted? How should you dress? Where should you go? Staying cool and being yourself (regardless of whether there’s a romantic connection or not) is an absolute must.

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Here are a couple additional tips to make your next blind date successful.

Go somewhere you can talk and get to know each other

Choosing an appropriate meeting place can make or break a blind date. Going to a movie or a noisy pub on a blind first date are not optimal because you won’t have much opportunity have start a good conversation and get to know your date. An informal meeting at a quiet coffee shop may be a better option. Then if things go well, turn it up a notch and for your second date and go out for dinner.

Ask questions and listen attentively

When you see your date, you’ll know whether you’re physically attracted or not, but there’s more to it than that. Evaluating whether or not you connect on emotional and intellectual levels and whether or not you share similar interests should be one of the goals of your blind date. Be prepared to ask your date questions about him/herself and show a genuine interest in his/her responses. Also feel free to talk about yourself because your date is trying to find out if you’re a good match for him/her as well. Steer clear of negative topics or mentioning past relationships.

Don’t feel bad if the feelings just aren’t there

Just because you had a good connection online, or someone thinks you and your date are a good match, doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to hit it off. You’re the only one who can truly judge whether you and your date are truly compatible. So if you’re not feeling it, don’t feel bad. Just be mature and respectful about it. Besides, gay dating is about meeting new people.

Know what you want and don’t be afraid to express it

When it comes to first dates, not being on the same page as your date can make things very difficult down the road. If you’re looking for something meaningful and long-term, abstaining from sex on the first date and likely the second and third at least is a smart choice. If you find that you and your date are both just looking for some fun, just be sure to play it safe. If you find that you’re not looking for the same things, say thank you for the date and go your separate ways.

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