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Attract More Women in 3 Easy Steps by Being a Caveman

(‘Attract More Women in 3 Easy Steps by Being a Caveman

Attracting more women by being a Caveman? Yeah, right. What woman in her right mind would want to date an uncultured savage who doesn’t shower much, bosses them around, and doesn’t care about how he looks?

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As much as you think this might be true, women actually are biologically and genetically programmed to look for this type of behavior in men. I’m not being a male chauvinist, but women need protection and need to feel safe. Back in the day, when a woman was being attacked by a sabre-tooth tiger, a heroic Caveman was the one who usually came to save her.

This might feel a little exaggerated, but fast forward to the present day. This sentiment can be translated to modern times because it still holds true. Maybe not so precariously dangerous as the previous situation, but more so in the topics of today’s world, including finances, parenting, and domestic duties.

Just as women looked to Cavemen for protection centuries ago, modern-day women look for similar security and safekeeping. Today’s men are expected to be financially secure, have good family values, and know their way around a house. These are the types of guys that attract women on a steady basis. Are you one of them?

Even in today’s society and equality between the sexes, women still need to feel that their man can provide security and keep them safe. They don’t want a weak man that they can’t turn to in times of need. To be the “Caveman ” they are craving for, you need to take certain action steps.

1. Change your mindset about yourself

2. Develop an “internal locus of control “

3. Be confident

You first need to change your mindset about yourself. How do you view yourself? Here’s the right answer:

“You are a man of high value, whose time and attention are craved by lots of people “

If you said anything else, then you were wrong. I’m saying this because if you don’t keep a high standard yourself, then who will? It must start with you and then it will spread to others. Your mindset will transfer to all those around you and will allow them to view you in the same light.

You also need to develop an “internal locus of control ” A person who has an internal locus believes that they control their own destiny. What this equates to, is that only you can control your life, and it is your responsibility on how it turns out. So, if you want more women, the ball is in your court to attract them. Stop blaming external factors and start taking responsibility for your actions. Only you can attract as many women as you want!

Being confident is a state of being. Once you have shifted your mentality and developed a strong internal locus, high self-esteem and confidence should come naturally. You just need to maintain that mentality at all times. Don’t let your guard down for one second. That one second of weakness will ruin your whole GAME!

Needless to say, women LOVE men who have confidence. Please note that I said confidence, NOT arrogance. There is a distinct difference between the two. Confidence is showing you have high self-esteem without saying a word. Arrogance is basically tooting your own horn so loud that the whole world can hear it.

Once you have accomplished these three steps, there is no turning back. Stop pussyfooting around, and leave the “old you ” behind. Puff out your chest, strut with attitude, and fearlessly talk to women.

Congratulations, you are now a Caveman.

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