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6 Surefire Ways to Have Amazing Conversations with Women

( “6 Surefire Ways to Have Amazing Conversations with Women

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Building rapport with a woman is vital to creating attraction within her. Without it, a conversation can become stale. Ultimately engaging a woman in a boring discussion will make her quickly find somebody else to talk to.

But there is an easy way you can create a dynamic conversation which will engage a woman and quickly build rapport. Here are six easy ways you can do this:

1- Have genuine curiosity about her

Every woman is different. Use your conversation to open her up and find out what makes her unique.

By taking a genuine interest in a woman and her life, you’ll discover there is a lot to talk about.

2- Have fun with her and the conversation

When you’re talking to a woman, make sure you’re in a fun and flirtatious mood. By honestly enjoying yourself, it’ll be a lot easier to get her to open up and find you more interesting.

3- Master the art of listening

One common complaint from women is how guys never listen to them. You can easily put the reputation to rest if you listen to everything she tells you.

In addition, by paying attention to what she talks about, it’ll become easy to pick up on conversation threads and lead them towards *interesting* topics.

4- Bring sexuality and flirting into the conversation

Don’t make the mistake of not discussing sex or flirting with a woman when you first start talking to her. This is a bad move, because avoiding the topic will make it harder to build *chemistry* with her.

Use this opportunity to talk about sex in a funny manner and flirt with her shamelessly.

5- Bring up off the wall questions and silly topics

Having a sense of humor when you’re talking to a woman is a great way to build rapport. Don’t afraid to bring up funny stories or ask her slightly off-beat questions.

6- Ask her opinion on different topics

When you ask a woman’s opinion, you’re practically giving her license to do most of the talking. You can really get the ball rolling if you ask her opinions on certain things like current events, work, hobbies, sex, family and relationships.

One bit of caution!

Stay away from hot points like religion, politics, abortion, etc. The last thing you want to do is get into a heated debate.

Any conversation with a woman should be done in a fun and flirtatious manner. In other words, it shouldn’t be like a job interview.

If you learn to relax and implement the six tips I provided in this article, you’ll have no problem building rapport and attraction with any woman.

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