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3 Alpha Male Secrets To Keep Any Girl Hooked On You Forever!

So you have a girl that you really like, and you want her to like you back? How nice would it be to have her be completely hooked on you for good with little effort as possible?

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Welcome the world of the Alpha Male where men naturally scores with women easily.

An alpha male is a man who is dominant, confident and is assured of himself. Here are 3 Alpha Male Secrets that women are naturally attracted to.

Alpha Male Secret #1 – Be Unpredictable

Alpha males have one very attractive and seductive trait that many women want. And that is being unpredictable. Yes, you read it right. Being unpredictable attracts many women.

What does being unpredictable really means. It means doing things that she least expected. It can be sending her a nice email or a card on a random date. It can also be taking her out on a romantic date where she less expect to.

The point here is to have fun and have her always guessing what you will do next that will surprise her. And of course, nothing too scary like become a psycho and hurting her.

Alpha Male Secret #2 – Be Comfortable Around All Women

To be able to attract women, you need to be open and sociable. You may have tons of knowledge or techniques on how to attract women but if you don’t open up and talk, it will all come to a waste. Therefore, train yourself to be comfortable among women.

Break out from your comfort zone and meet new people. Attend parties, gatherings, any kind of social activities. Do what you can to warm yourself up. Talk to your close friends or any close girlfriends before going up to talk to a stranger.

Alpha Male Secret #3 – Loving Yourself

Besides knowing how to take care of others, especially women, an alpha male knows how to take care of themselves too. What do I mean? Basically, it refers to keeping yourself fit and healthy. They know their body best, and hence exercise regularly and have a balanced diet.

They also take care of their looks, constantly updating their looks. This is to ensure that they feel and look the best when they have to.

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